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  • Control Club

    Club (Divers)
    Str. Constantin Mille, nr. 4, București (Victoriei) , România
  • 073(arată)
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Control Club
Bors Irina
No matter what happens I always end up the party tour in Control, they have a great terrace and some many nice events and you could always hang around here and have fun.
Horvath Balazs
Seems like a fancy place, it`s not my cup of tea but if you want to grab some drinks and have a party go for it if you`re in town.
Arata foarte bine yammmm
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clouseau inspector
Хороший клуб.Большой танцпол,в том числе для концертов.Маленький танцпол.Летняя терраса. На втором этаже гастобар.Люди разные-от модных мальчиков-девочек до мужчин в кожаных куртках с 8 размером пуза
Five or more :)
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Demchko Patrick
Great music (hipster goth dance party), restaurant upstairs and the killer outdoor space seals the deal. Up there for best place in Bucharest
Chiar merita maximul de stele!
2 Apreciază · Răspunde
altfel nu se poate :D
4 Apreciază · Răspunde
Opris Ana
Electro, indie club for Bucharest`s hip crowd. Although you might not be able to see them, the dance floor is exceptionally dark. Great terrace in summer + restaurant above (Alt Shift)
P. Matei
Great nexus of artistic/creative types, good roster of concerts and nearly always busy. Great summer terrace. Tuesday`s are half off so it gets even busier.
Badea Alexandra
One of the best night clubs in Bucharest. Good, warm-up music in the first room and in the second there`s a concert or a DJ putting on a show!
One of the best night clubs in Bucharest...
Emma Carina
Great place to spend your evenings on the terrace and have a chill conversation with friends over a beer. The music is also amazing! One of the best places in Bucharest!!
Damian Alex
Nice location. Two event rooms, one terrace. You can choose between the rooms as for your liking. Affordable prices. Interesting people.
Badila Toma
It seems the music is better during the week than in the weekend. Maybe because in the weekend they have all kind of weird theme parties...
Evenimente Control Club
Clubul in care iti poti pierde controlul si te poti distra asa cum simti

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